Record Pressing

View our colored vinyl options, custom mixed variations, and weight choices for our 12 inch pressing service.

Color Styles

Color Options

* Additional color options available. Please inquire for more information or to request a custom option.


Standard Weight
150 grams
Heavy Weight
180 grams

NOTICE: Weights can vary +/- 5 grams.

Setup Fees

For every variation of a record pressed, a setup fee is required. Changing colors or styles of a record in the middle of a run requires a thorough cleaning out and flushing of the press to avoid traces of the previous colors from appearing in the next variation. There is a minimum of 50 units per color / color style / weight, with each new variation incurring a color setup fee.


Every order has a Press Setup Fee regardless of the quantity or type of records being pressed. This ensures that each and every project begins and ends with a freshly cleaned & calibrated press.


Incurred when you order any colored vinyl record option to provide a clean change of colors between units with little to no trace of the previous colors.

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