Information about mastering your audio specifically for record pressing.

Mastering is the process of sonically preparing your finished recording to be accurately represented in the vinyl format.

It is a finely-tuned process that eliminates problematic characteristics of recordings which will cause faults in the lacquer-cutting step of making your record. It does not change the sound of your original mix or master and should be nearly unnoticeable in the final product.

Have your own mastering engineer? We welcome vinyl-specific masters by professional audio engineers.

Submitting Audio

All audio files must be properly sequenced as SIDE A and SIDE B, with all tracks contained in a single audio file per side—exactly as you wish them to appear on your record.

We prefer masters submitted as a download link from online sharing sites such as WeTransfer.

We also accept .WAV files on CDr, DVDr, USB flash drives, as well as Redbook-formatted CDs and 7.5ips – 30ips 1/4″ – 1″ tape. Notice: masters will not be returned unless client pays a return shipping fee.