Packaging options of assorted styles and budgets for your project.

At New Orleans Record Press, we strive to be a full-service destination. We offer a wide variety of printed jackets, inner sleeves, and inserts, as well as outer poly sleeves & shrinkwrapping.

Printed Jackets

Jackets are the classic form of packaging for most vinyl records, and we offer full color jackets in Single-pocket and Gatefold options, each in standard & heavy weight variant. Notice: Jackets are economized when ordered in increments of 500 units.

Single Pocket (Less than 150)
(Full Color)
Low Run: 100-150 units
15 pt. | Spine

Single Pocket (150+)
(Full Color)
20 pt. | Standard
24 pt. | Heavy

Single Pocket
20 pt. | Standard
24 pt. | Heavy

(Full Color)
20 pt. | Standard
24 pt. | Heavy


Blank Jackets

Want to design and print your own jackets DIY-style? We offer blank single-pocket jackets in 3 colors for customers who wish to add a handmade touch to their pressing. Available in any quantity.

White Single Pocket

Chipboard Single Pocket

Black Single Pocket


Printed Inserts

Need extra space for additional art, lyrics, and liner notes? Full color or black & white double-sided inserts are a great way to add extra panels of creativity to your pressing project. Available in any quantity.

11" x 11" - Full Color

11" x 11" - Black & White

22" x 11" - Full Color

22" x 11" - Black & White


Inner Sleeves

These are the paper sleeves that the actual record slides into to protect the grooves from scratches inside a jacket. They are available in a black & white or full color printed style, a standard paper variety of 3 colors, or black and white poly-lined versions for extra anti-static protection. Available in any quantity.

Printed (Full Color)

White Paper

Black Paper

Brown Paper

Printed (Black & White)

White Poly-Lined

Black Poly-Lined

Round Poly


Screen-Printed Jackets

We’re proud to offer screen-printed single-pocket jackets directly with your order as a limited edition, boutique option for low runs and special collector versions. They’re available in 3 colors – black, white, and brown chipboard – and can be printed with your choice of 50+ ink colors, including metallics, glow in the dark, and more. Screen-printed jackets are an economical option for low runs as they only have a minimum of 50 units, and are available in any increment needed.

White Single Pocket

Chipboard Single Pocket

Black Single Pocket


Outer Sleeves

In addition to printed materials, we offer outer sleeve protection for your project.

- Standard - No Flap (Polyethylene)
- Crystal Clear - Resealable Flap (Polypropylene)
- Shrinkwrapping


Insertion Fees

There is a $0.10 insertion fee per item for each piece of a project which is assembled at New Orleans Record Press, with the exception of the actual vinyl record insertion into dust sleeves, which is free. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Sleeved record into jacket
- Jacket into poly bag
- Printed inserts into jacket
- Download code into jacket
- Sticker application fee