Lacquer Cutting

Details about cutting the master lacquer for your pressing project.

Lacquer cutting is the process of transforming an audio recording into physically cut grooves on the surface of a lacquer disc via a machine called a lathe. This cut lacquer is used as the master in the electroplating process to create stampers which are then used to press your album.

Have your own preferred lacquer cutter? We welcome all outside lacquers.

Lacquer Cutting Specifications

The amount of time that is allowed per side of a record is determined by RPM, track volumes, and gap separations.


12″ 33RPM

12″ 45RPM

18 minutes
12 minutes
22 minutes per side
15 minutes per side

7″ 33RPM

7″ 45RPM

5 minutes
4 minutes
7 minutes per side
6 minutes per side


Tube Vinyl Cutting Equipment

  • Fully restored Scully ‘501’ Lathe
  • Westrex 3DIIa Cutter
  • Westrex RA-1574E Tube Cutting Amps
  • Scully Variable Pitch Control
  • Scully Variable Depth Control
  • DAW: Custom Quad-Core Windows 8.1 running Nuendo
  • Processing: UAD, Slate Digital, Waves, Nomad Factory, Voxengo
  • D/A: Focusrite REDNet System
  • Monitors: Genelec HT208B, Tannoy Monitor Golds ca. 1971 with TAD 1601 dual subs in custom cabinets.
  • Tannoys have custom Focus crossovers/phase compensation networks
  • PRO2 System Controller

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